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About us

Helpee is a technology company that develop a number of applications that focus on payment, marketplace, and logistic. Our main product is the Helpee – Payment and Marketplace that providing services for any businesses to promote their products/businesses through tickets, vouchers and marketing campaign.

Helpee provided the voucher management solution, secure claim process for merchants and buyers, analytics and reports for merchants.

Helpee – Payment and Marketplace

In the logistic sector, Helpee is trading as NakedLab – Delivery. NakedLab is doing delivery for a number of corporate clients ranging from clothing, electronics, other goods, also some restaurants for their food and catering service. We also developed our own delivery routing/planning app, DriverRoute.

DriverRoute, available on App/Play store, will help any drivers to optimise, plan, and navigate through their list of stops/addresses.

NakedLab – Delivery

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